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Giclee Printing - Image Capture

The Image Capturing Process

Colour-matching to the original is paramount and so it is recommended that the original artwork be made available for scanning, wherever possible, for accurate reproduction. Once scanned, further copies can then be produced from the saved digital ‘master’ and be charged at the unit rate shown. When deciding upon size required, please allow for a border of at least 15mm to allow for mounting. Bottom border should be wider to allow for image title, if required. When ordering canvas which is to be stretched please remember to allow for additional borders.

Colour Matching
Colour matching your Giclée prints is essential and necessary whether the original artwork is presented for scanning or a digital file is supplied. The process is achieved by producing a series of test prints with adjustments made between each until the best possible match is achieved. Even the best of scans requires colour matching to your original artwork, but the process is simplified with the original present. Colour matching a supplied digital file will inevitably require a number of colour proofs to be created until a good match is achieved. The colour matching process requires skill and can be time consuming and is charged separately from scanning as shown below.

Already sold your original?
As mentioned above, it is possible to produce Giclée prints from high quality digital files, however, if the original is available it should always be supplied for scanning to achieve the best results. If you intend to supply digital files they should be in TIFF format and must be PC compatible.
In cases where the original is unavailable, colour- matching obviously becomes extremely difficult to perfect and the supply of a number of colour proofs is the only way to ensure a finish you are happy with.
Please see below for details.                                   

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